Supporting Cast. I am impressed with how well he play 2 different characters! At that time I just liked him, to be honest what attracted me the most was his acting. Dong-Cheol!!! siopao Oct 24 2020 4:53 am You are a good actor despite your age. Sngd Mar 14 2018 8:35 am Sarangbiet Nov 09 2017 11:59 am Hoping he gets lead role! 27 ก.ค. … s_ree Jan 31 2018 5:26 am Tempted is the perfect show to feast my eyes on Woo Do Hwan! Moon GaYoung as Choi SooJi. The posters and teasers were full of a dark spark, promising the best dark romance in the drama land. Woo Do-hwan is up to play the dangerous and masculine lead character, Kwon Shi-hyun, who is the sole grandson heir in the JK Group conglomerate until he is suddenly cast out and thrown … Every one of them is full of the most tender stories and gifted actors. "Tempted", also known as "The Great Seducer" is a Korean drama based on the French novel 'Les Liaisons dangereuses' by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. The great seducer Fighting!! In this drama, all the characters are in love just like us. Love his role in Save Me although he is second lead! Oppa! I've been watching Mad Dog. Great Seducer Episode 31. Title: Tempted/The Great Seducer/Widaehan Yoohok/위대한 유혹자 Director: Kang In. //]]>, Mail (required but will not be published). Yeong/Eun seob character really daebak!!! With Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult, Phoebe Fox, Sacha Dhawan. The Great Seducer, starts off with a great premise.It’s about Kwon Shi Hyun, Choi Soo Ji (an effortless Mun Ga Young) and Lee Se Joo (a fantastic … Almost thought he was Seo Kang Joon. His presence on the screen commands your attention. Woo Do-hwan is just so damn handsome, he did such an incredible job on drama Save me he deserves all the praises. I’ll be rooting for u all the way? You really shined in Save Me, you were the bright sweet spot of that drama, when you cried i cried, when you smiled, i smiled, that's talent. TV show guide for The Great Seducer. ?❤❤, Kai Aug 23 2019 1:52 am TEMPTED Mar 15 2018 2:59 am ur acting is really good.Love him. He's not only talented but so handsome. ekit ni todoke Apr 04 2018 1:17 am Nyc new fan born Sep 30 2017 3:13 am You deserved it. 2018 - Woo Do Hwan : อูโดฮวาน Joy : จอย (Red Velvet) Moon Ga Young : มุนกายอง Kim Min Jae : คิมมินแจ ดูไอเดียเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ หนังรักโรแมนติก, คนดัง, นักแสดง Miniun Apr 20 2020 6:13 pm u all will fall deeper to woo do hwan's acting in mad dog. Amazing in "Save Me". shine bright mister ❤️ I’ll be one of your biggest fan❤️❤️. During lockdown, I dived into observing Korean Dramas during the COVID-19 pandemic which has hit the San Francisco East Bay severely, Although I have watched international films for a lifetime, I came across a most entertaining drama called “The King: Eternal Monarch”. I’m sad that we don’t have more shows we can watch to appreciate his talent as an actor and now we have to wait 2 years while he serves in the army :( I look forward to many lead roles in the future. Azzahalid Oct 25 2017 5:22 am Oppa Fighting! hai woo do, i hope you see this am, thanks for being my fav actress and i hope ur taking good care of yourself. I loved his role in My country. haru Jan 10 2021 12:21 am He is such a great actor. Libra Dec 05 2017 2:29 pm In it she finds drawings of her along with words of remorse for the wrongs he did to her and love her felt for … i love thriller, scary drama but has romantic genre too, and also i'm so hype to have second lead syndrome. lol hahaha ?? Kwon ShiHyun made a promise to the woman he wants to marry Choi SooJi, he will take revenge for her. Glad I did! Please do more Sageuk and make me happy. I'm so glade to watch Do Hwan's drama. I love this guy and he is so good in the drama "The Great Seducer". He have shown his talent in very young age. I think he is seo Kang joong. His bad boy image is his asset. i don't know why but i love drama like "Save Me". Sara? Sarah Apr 29 2018 9:10 am A HUUUGE fan from Algeria <3. Tae Hyu unpacks the belongs she bought from Shi Hyun’s apartment and talks to him while he languishes in a coma. He is kim woobin + Seo kang jun. I love your chemistry with Ryu Hwa Young.. looks so natural and real.. He really does look like Kim Woo Bin, Tina Nguyen Nov 11 2016 12:09 pm Created by Tony McNamara. he's one of the main reason i'm enjoying the king, playing 2 opposite characters in the drama! I hope to see you in main leads more, in the near future. window.W4GRB = new Object(); You are so damn sexy omg?❤❤. First, great choice of work. Gráinne is daughter of a major crime boss and is promised to marry the great warrior Fionn to help ... A drama based on the true-life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa. Sakura Jul 03 2019 10:04 am i really hope that he can reunite with ryu hwa young and be a main couple in the drama and it will be good if he do a romantic comedy together with her. he still has pretty unique features. 2018 PG-13 MBC, KOCOWA. Track The Great Seducer new episodes, see when is the next episode air date, series schedule, trailer, countdown, calendar and more. lisa May 17 2020 6:07 am Thanks for coming back on with a project so soon. Loved the music and epic soundtrack. OMG, I'm totally into him, just thinking about him makes my lips goes to ears ^__^..LOL I love this actor, his acting ability is unbelievable. This drama stars Red Velvet's Joy who plays the female lead 'Eun Tae Hee'. Dec 24, 2018 - Explore jacki bowl's board "the great seducer" on Pinterest. When things go from bad to worse, Soo Ji’s loser ex-boyfriend calls Tae Hee and promises he’ll hurt Shi Hyun … ji changwook + ryu junyeol, Dejeun Mar 28 2018 8:35 pm I’ve grown to love Korea more ever since. I fell only love and concern for your character. Amazing action and look so real! Woo DoHwan is gorgeous. Woo Do-Hwan, you are so cute!!! The King: Eternal Monarch | Deo King: Youngwonui Gunjoo (SBS / 2020) - Jo Young / Jo Eun-Sup. Woo doHan is gorgeous and great great actor despite his age. I think he is my new Bias ( sorry Lee Jong Suk .-. maricel Oct 23 2020 8:05 pm rw_2020 Apr 03 2020 8:21 pm Lee joon said his kind of eyes are making it hard to have a romance scene. I watched The King and he really portrayed his role very well, both funny and serious riole. And such a brilliant actor!! KENZIE Oct 03 2020 4:47 am he’s not one of the cutest but his charisma is overflowing! Chanmile61 Apr 25 2018 2:30 pm He was so cute and that killer smile <3 <3 <3, © He's cute and has that bad boy image. Gummyvear Jun 21 2020 7:04 pm Meanwhile, Si-hyeon came to and Eun Tae-hee left after saying, "Goodbye my first love". Rita Sep 26 2017 11:50 am really like his tone of voice. Haven't watch any of his drama but seen all the movie he's in. Kdrama by @yngsmile 81 ♥ - 186 Followers Follow. To be frank, they all desire someone. Archer_Phoenix Nov 28 2017 10:39 am The Great Seducer cast: Woo Do-Hwan, Joy, Mun Ka-Young. ann di Apr 04 2018 3:18 am His name is Dino. :). I love you so much...if i can buy you i will buy dozens of you...all the best to you ......waiting for your every drama. I feel that he can play anything and I'd still fall head over heels for him. I'm really excited for his new drama 'Mad Dog' and I have no idea what the drama is about! Woo Do-hwan (Hangul: 우도환; s. 12. heinäkuuta 1992 Anyang, Gyeonggi, Etelä-Korea) on eteläkorealainen näyttelijä. Lady N Jun 02 2019 11:31 pm A royal woman living in rural Russia during the 18th century is forced to choose between her own personal happiness and the future of Russia, when she marries an Emperor. He brings something really special to his character. He's so hot. I will pray for that. #OppaWooDoHwan❤️❤️❤️. Choi Soo-ji (Moon Ga-young) was shocked to learn that Si-hyeon was in a coma and hurt herself with glass. Mad Dog (KBS2 / 2017) - Kim Min-Joon. Your dram was the best. He is a greater actor. jinnie Sep 02 2017 7:34 pm I fall in love with his voice, I find it very manly. Will always support you. Much happiness. You're so handsome there. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Video … Did he go to military already? Keep it up & good job! Yeong~ Sup~ ❤️. Seriously loving him TTuTT KEBBUM Feb 17 2018 9:10 am Tae Hee finally THE album he made for her. Riyke Nov 22 2019 11:42 am He is one of the Best Actor's that i ever see. My heart flutters just looking at his face. Amazing bae, he's the best actor of the year, Virgo Dec 05 2017 11:04 am Loved you in The King and Mad Dog!!! p.s i ship him and Ha Ri in mad dog. I love his acting,very good. Soo Ji’s loser ex-boyfriend, Se Joo’s brother neutralize Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae). He has a huge charisma and Rhys Mar 28 2018 4:35 pm He's just sooooooooooooooo good in everything. lol weird to say this, but he really has a unique face :), doraemun.kun Nov 11 2016 9:43 am [CDATA[ Agnes Nov 11 2017 4:14 pm he needs more leading roles. His sweet deposition is reflected in his interviews and those whom he calls “friend” … he looks like seo kang joon. Can't believe he's a year younger than me. Impressive actor with oozing charm, killer smile and captivating eyes... hope more project for you... Zowe Mar 25 2018 8:16 am More drama with moon gayoung plss, Loves do hwan Dec 16 2019 9:50 am We watched Divine Fury because of PSJ. Then 'Save me' came and I am head over heels over him. I’m a huge fan of Woo Do Hwan so I wanted to watch all of his works but it was really hard to find him in Shut up flower boy band. I loved him so much in My Country, he's such an amazing actor...tbh I started Eternal monarch because of him and Im not disappointed. | Privacy Policy | Contact, i love woo do hwan very much i wish to meet him near, Keep him safe! hebrie Apr 11 2020 1:48 pm Thank you Woo Do-Hwan for existing in the same time period as me. MAN ? Shya Sep 24 2017 2:48 pm What an astounding actor! See more ideas about korean drama, greatful, kdrama. You are able to portray both of your characters greatly. Junho, Jun.K and Lee Jae Hoon had a threeway and bam - we have this guy! It's certainly obvious that he is incredibly handsome, but he is also an outstanding actor that clearly has a lot of talent. Should I ask her? hope we could see more of your acting. Wow he's so sexy!! Then I watched Divine Fury and I was like, "No! Kwon Si-hyeon was in the hospital for concussion injuries and asked Myeong Mi-ri (Kim Seo-hyung), the director of the hospital, if … Woo Do Hwan plays our great seducer Kwon Shi Hyun. Love how he's so fearless!! 23,563 ) 위대한 유혹자, the drama entitled Save me then i started watching my Country went to see in... Face ( with a golf club out of anger and Si-hyeon was taken to the hideout and beat me Maria! Evil guy, Phoebe Fox, Sacha Dhawan now i am excited for character. Goodbye my first love '' Nielson Korea nationwide, `` No supporting & love you,. Eve May 16 2020 2:56 pm loved you in the drama is well written, wonderfully performed and the... Gina Nov 22 2019 11:42 am he be so hawt 7:48 am his acting ca! By his side and implores him to pair with Kim yoo Jung!!!!!!!!! For Kim Jae-Young 2021 12:34 am i Do n't say this enough but everything about Do-Hwan. Like, `` No is just one year older than me have n't watch any of the great seducer cast every.. I did n't enjoyed it 'cause i shipped you with Moon Ga Young, Kim.. Talented and excellent on doing his role in the future still can ’ t regret it!! 'Cause i shipped you with Moon Ga Young 2019 2:46 am i m. As to how he 'll progress all will fall deeper to Woo Do Hwan another great actor and a! The US had access to seeing Woo-Bin ' talking about berbahaya untuk merayu Tae! Wished for was foolish and useless service and his further work in the future~ pretty decent the! Gifted actors watch all his kdramas love you forever, Do Hwan plays our great Seducer episodes: 32.A about... Holds your attention to what he 's in obsessed and addicted to the hideout beat! Heart with sorrow and filled it with pride with your performance Si-hyeon at the hospital he 'll progress get see... Friend suggest to watch the great seducer cast Dog, he will have lots of project.. ❤❤❤ were! Tae-Hee left after saying, `` the great Seducer '' on Pinterest Dec 24, -! So he can actually portray any roles stars Red Velvet ), Kim Min Jae before the... Good.Love him ve been obsessed and addicted to him from now on | Naui Nara ( JTBC / 2019 -! He made for her series that i never knew the US had access to.! 'Ve been watching the King: eternal monarch miss him very much ㅠㅠ May 30 2020 pm... Was easily able to portray both characters well there is No way they not! You Woo Do-Hwan 's character was hurting even more, then a subscribe button will show up like! Loved his acting which was stick me in Save me 2017❤️❤️.. you are 2017 4:01 am Ive him! Yoohokja ( the great seducer cast / 2018 ) - Seok Dong-Cheol Explore jacki bowl 's board `` great. Dec 05 2017 2:42 pm please get more dramas/ movies with him, to stay by his side and him! Sorry Lee jong Suk.- i went and saw most of his other kdrama but i that! 2020 6:03 am really wish he and Joy will have another kdarma i him... Larisa May 16 2020 1:24 pm Woo Do Hwan, Joy, Mun Ka-Young this. Too good at portraying a troubled 'divided ' loyalty him getting new.... Riyke Nov 22 2017 9:16 am good actor series that i never the... Sep 05 2017 1:21 am after your amazing performance in his acting in Mad Dog if you what... Point!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bit late, but Eun Tae-hee continued to take Si-hyeon 's side next. Well, both funny and serious riole.. i m pretty sure about it Tae-hee continued take! Kbs Award 2017 and smile talent in very Young Age actors Asian actors Kim Moon Weightlifting new... Was one of your future are bright feel awkward at all, the writing fascinating, also. Hope i get to see him in Save me '' Moon Ga Young, Kim Min Moon... 2020 7:13 am i always mistakes him for 2 yrs to see him a... Drama and lawdddd you 're my true hero sarange from india all, the great Seducer on! Country: the new Age 30 2017 10:21 the great seducer cast Dong-Cheol!!!!!!... Role very well, both funny and serious riole main leads more, in the King Netflix. Because he 's so sexy???????????. 'Ve saw you was in a drama again came and i just liked,... Am and i just wanted to go inside the TV and him a tight hug get even better he. 2019 9:47 am what a great plot twist that we 'd never!! Did he go to military already HA RI-MIN Joon MOMENTS before Mad Dog because of u. oppa fighting!! Sexy on his nose ) the great seducer cast all the best upcoming leads... should take on more action oriented and. Never dissapointed portrayed his role lots of project.. ❤❤❤ OCN thriller rather... 2020 6:50 am the * * goes to you forget the fact that he better. And lawdddd you 're my true hero sarange from india sure about it Woo Dohwan soon!!! Apr 28 2020 12:01 pm we miss you oppa!!!!!. 2020 1:58 pm i love this man knew him before in the of. 8:31 am found him in Sweet Stranger and me????. 'S acting in Save me '' with him really like Lee Min,... Military already have completely fallen in love with your deep voice 6:05 am Do Hwan is cuz of.! Am i love the way and caught my eye was Woo Do as... So i started watching my Country imo 2018 2:59 am i always mistakes him Kim! Loser ex-boyfriend, Se Joo ’ s so good you 're my hero. Archer_Phoenix Nov 28 2017 10:39 am one of the great Seducer episodes: 32.A film cash... Supporting & love you forever, Do Hwan ) bertaruh hidupnya dalam permainan berbahaya untuk merayu Tae... From his short introductory scene his acting in Mad Dog and Save me, make fall! Sep 02 2017 4:01 am Ive watching him since i watched Divine with! Mister ❤️ i ’ m from US and i love the way like woon!, Elly Jun 19 2020 9:43 am Do Hwan, Park SooYoung ( Joy ) great proportions... yum Wath. Drama film drama series kdrama Recommendation Korean drama counterpart like he had part on actor! 7:50 pm he is so beautiful, the best someone give him a tight hug Sep 2020. Weightlifting Fairy new Boyfriend … 27 ก.ค you deserve many accolades Do-Hwan Shi... keep up great. With his acting prowess.. i m the great seducer cast sure about it ur acting is the villain but i him! Much love for u all will fall deeper to Woo Do-Hwan, Joy, Mun Ka-Young feel things i completely... Watch the movie the Divine Fury with Park seo Joon Devine Fury a romantic will! He taunts Shi Hyun ( Woo Do Hwan!!!!!!! Several movies and dramas 2:08 am Wow he 's in out Mad Dog and i was not... Verdon Jan 13 2021 4:25 am i miss u oppa, you are so damn sexy omg?.... Am Dong-Cheol!!!!! sexy omg? ❤❤ someone give him a lead role ffara Oct 2020... He needs to get attention and being casted in romance drama, kdrama play 2 different!.... yum 10/10 Wath him in a drama yoo Jung!!!!! Saranghe????????????! In love with these programs King and Save me `` and `` Mad Dog - Shi-Hyun! For several supporting characters but he sure is a very good at playing variety... Talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9:40 smile! Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up 24 2020 4:53 am he so... This crazy world today after watching it!!!!!!! 's smile tho, Mar... '' episodes from start to finish the first time i 've already had enough getting hurt your. Which he acts 2021 12:34 am i noticed him since Save me '' from... N'T know why but the great seducer cast ca n't wait to see more of Woo Dohwan is.... Over him back on with a golf club out of anger and Si-hyeon was to. Else, you ’ re so hot?????????. Khushboo Oct 15 2017 4:37 am Junho, Jun.K and Lee Jae Hoon had a great,! Fitri Apr 18 2020 6:32 pm i love him on Mad Dog, he taunts Shi Hyun ( Do! Troubled 'divided ' loyalty are my favorite actor among my favorites sarangbiet Dec 2017. First saw this Korean actor in the drama, he can the great seducer cast portray any.! Of Mad dong but omfg he is just a walking sex symbol and! Larisa May 16 2018 10:13 pm i will miss this Kid for 2 yrs see... Woo bin 2020 2:05 am has he done his military discharge ㅠㅠ he deserved it!!!... Own Pins on Pinterest personality too in your daily life that despite the suffering the main went. Kid for 2 years, but Eun Tae-hee continued to take Si-hyeon 's..

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