Thanks again!!! We told them that both of my wrists hurt but they only x-rayed one because they thought I was using the other fine. I'm just hoping and praying that I'm one of the lucky ones that gets this cast off in 2-3 more weeks. They were splinted right away. My left wrist (view from below) with the titanium plate and screws inserted during surgery to hold the bones in the proper position, My right wrist (view from below) with the titanium plate, screws and external fixation inserted during surgery to hold the bones in the proper position. My friend lifted my bike off myself and the nose, lips, and mouth were all bleeding. I’m blessed to be here, and I’m so proud of Jacinda! Went to two more Orthos got all conflicting advice. If so, how long after your last surgery did it take to be able to do them? At the beginning of September I had the cast removed and my hand was x-rayed, the bones were all over the place. To be honest, it really still hurts somewhat, but it's a different kind of hurt if that makes any sense at all. Especially in adults. Three weeks after my fall my ortho told me to start rotating the wrist and I told him I couldn't. This is for my son, he is 7years old, we met an accident last month, and my son's wrist was broken, Doctor decided to go with the cast, in the 5th week he took a x-ray, but still broken can been seen in one direction and he removed the cast and asked us to come after a week. Broke my wrist 8 weeks ago. Fresh x-rays showed that the closed reduction was good and in place. Almost seven months after the accident, I had to be operated on yet again to remove the titanium plates from both wrists and get a new one on my right wrist to keep it from moving incorrectly. Then a removable one. I had to wear them for around a month and a half and then had to wear them for physical activities for the next two weeks. I'd really like to continue to do 50 push-ups a day. Paramedic did a closed reduction. I just got the news. Others, like my daughters, called and texted to keep me from utter boredom. it was borderline between plates and just cast. Once again I`m sorry for not replying every comment here, specially to Ona66 who I thank for keeping us informed on your wonderful recovery (I read all the comments but I fail to reply to everyone). I do feel very fortunate for all the wonderful people out there. I needed surgery with titanium plate and screws. Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on November 21, 2017: Hi, Tanya! I strongly suggest anyone who is having persistent swelling to search lymphedema of the arm and educate yourself. Required fields are marked *. You are scheduled for Wrist Fracture Reduction and Fixation. I can’t imagine not being able to use both of my arms! You seem like a very determined person and already showing signs of great healing expectations. I slipped on ice and landed on my right hand, my dominant hand. I live in New York City and luckily, the emergency team showed up within ten minutes. Fractures can range from a small, hairline crack, to a bone or bones broken into two or more pieces. Well 4 weeks & out of my cast would suggest yes, just wish the pain was less. My goodness. I was 61....first broken bone.... Am healing from a double fracture on my left arm(my wrist and metacarpals). You’ll need to discuss your case with your doctor for specifics, but in general most of the following are true:4, Emergency surgery: Doctors fixed both wrists with titanium plates and screws and put an external fixation on right wrist that was attached to both the radius and forefinger metacarpal bones by four screws, two in each bone. Life improves daily, and although my wrist is weak and stiff, I’m able to do most everything now. Whishing everybody fast and complete recovery, take care! I fell on my hand and broke my right wrist. please reply to my e-mail You should expect your recovery to take at least a year, and most will still feel some pain during vigorous activities for about that long. hi i broke distal radius bone on both wrist, after 1 week I had to get plate and screws fitted so it has a heavy splint and bandaged up , the other one has a cast, its 3 weeks since accident , ( falling over dog lol) , is it usual to still be painful ,will they replace them with lighter cast as i cant do much for myself. Being incapacitated effected my physical and emotional confidence and I had to take care to build it back. If doctors are happy with the bones' new position, you may be treated with a plaster cast and regular follow-up appointments and X-rays. At night before bed, I’d walk around the hospital in my hotel slippers, my arms in the air to keep them from throbbing, making laps past the bored front desk receptionist as I circled the silent building. I got an hairline fracture on distal radius, witch went almost all trough the bone. The saddle end of the bone had fractured off and split into two parts, then under the tension of my wrist tendons and muscles had slipped out of position behind my wrist, creating the thickened, dislocated look I’d seen prior to the swelling. We actually had to stop twice to get some money from an ATM since the ambulance would only take me to the hospital after I paid for the service. When I turn my wrist it clicks and the little finger is healing bent and cannot straighten out. The last time I was in Christchurch, I found myself at a memorial to female suffrage. I still have pain when I place a lot of pressure on my wrists, but I can easily do things like push ups. i have casts 3in. When I awoke Post opperatively the Surgeon told me that I had to remain Infection Free for 6 months at which point she would need to COMPLETELY FUSE my Left wrist! Well . Just my perspective, good luck in your decision making process on this! I tried to study myself like I never did before and I now know and understand myself much better. In large part this is because when you are in the cast … The surgery went fine. I have lots of pain after the phisio, but honestly I don't mind it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I get an bandage to use until it's good again, and that's it. I'm hoping the extreme stiffness will reduce over time because I can't just keep spending my life doing this. Called 911 and my husband and I was medivaked to the closest trauma center and had emergency surgery I got 3pins in my ulnar styli and 5th meticarpal. I drive by regularl, Happy Valentine's Day! And I`m pretty sure you`ll become even better after going thru this healing process. He can use his fingers that are outside his cast but not sure how he's going to manage to wipe without getting his cast dirty. Stefanie laughed and said, “This is the first person I’ve seen who has actually turned green. For older people or more complicated fractures, a wrist injury can take a lot longer to get back to normal and stiffness is extremely common. We cut up a bunch of old socks to wear under the braces. From the day two after surgery I moved as much as possible my fingers. Many individuals will have some trouble regaining their motion (especially following surgery) and strength (which truly just takes time). I guess I was and am a good patient. -Treat yourself gently and patiently, it will make all the difference while you`re recovering and healing from any fracture. My physio was more helpful, sympathetic, told me to do hot & cold soaks (as its still very swollen), try to move my fingers, use my sling & put a support bandage on it. Chocolate raspberry ganach, If you want to know more about my twisted sense of, Decaf iced Americano with a shot of vanilla kind o, On every walk, there's that one thing you see that, 2020 was a difficult year for most of us, but it a, We're having oliebollen for our New Year's celebra. They seem to happen when I catch my wrist in a certain movement and are so painful. I’ll be driving, traveling, and using my arms to do things again, but I’ve learned a lot from breaking both my wrists, and what I feel right now is gratitude. There’s a higher chance of re-breaking or cracking the bone once the plaster is removed, especially in children, so kids should avoid trampolines, bouncy castles, soft play areas, and contact sports for a further four to six weeks to be safe. And perhaps infection. He suggested I walk to the health center, but I said I couldn’t. I do the exercises Doctor recommended but my arm hurts continually a dull but annoying pain. For instance, grocery shopping, doing laundry, opening jars, pre-cutting vegetables for you to freeze, etc. I caught up with a lot of friends and family as they were feeding me! your experience is a brilliant answer session to most frequently asked questions pertaining to wrist fracture. I got to the porch took off my robe and saw that he had ripped my wrist open all the way to the bone. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency. My wrist and entire right arm are still sore. I do get some pain, Im still in plaster cast, but my worst thing has been walking because I'm scared I will fall and hurt my arm again. Hi! Your extensive details - plus the comments from others - are a great help in understanding what is happening. Certain fractures are best treated with surgery to realign and fix the broken bones (as in my case because it was so severe). How is your friend doing? i boke my arm was in a cast for six weeks which was tight and painfull . It has been 4 weeks already from surgery and I don't feel pain if I do not move the hand. I'm also young and an like to be active so this whole thing has been difficult for me especially when the accident was not my fault. Even developed trigger finger in one of my finger which has not yet completely gone. Be notified of new content and receive short posts by subscribing today. I'm getting discouraged, I had expected better progress by now. I found that staying active was the biggest factor in decreasing my pain. I tried to put my hand on the table and let my wrist hang a little , but withou any result. A couple weeks after the accident I realise that I could have die with that tumble :/, -Right now I only feel pain during physical therapy and its good pain because it means I’m getting better :). They visited, brought me clothes, kept me up to date on things at work, delivered flowers, cards, and snacks, provided me audio books, and scratched that annoying itch in the middle of my back. You`ll be fine, but before it will still hurt a lot, your strength and confidence will slowly grow to a point where you find yourself doing things you didn`t believe was possible before this event. Like a lot of people on here I also have a numbness to the outside of the hand on the wrist I broke, and my little finger is healing crooked, but I am carrying on with my physio exercises, but I have this real fear of falling when I walk and that makes going anywhere very stressful. As uncomfortable as the long cast was, I wasn't in near the amount of pain, but I'll get used to this. ER Doctor, put me to sleep to set bones and applied a heavy cast. Seal-Tight Adult Freedom Cast Protector Waterproof Cast Cover Arm, Hand, & Wrist Cast and Bandage Cover - Guaranteed Protection - Made in USA - FSA/HSA Eligible 4.3 out of 5 stars 5,997 $15.84 $ 15 . But just yesterday my wrist started aching more than it has in over 6 months. I went to wash my hands and slipped on water that had been leaking from the toilet. I broke both my wrists at work. An X-ray can usually confirm whether or not your wrist is broken or simply sprained. We bought some special plastic covers made for the arms so that I could shower. Ouch. I know it's not helping the stiffness but I don't want to risk the complete break displacing, even if it's probably closer to 99% healed by now. Everyone gets treated, and their salary and rehabilitation are covered until they’re able to return to work. One of my favorite places! -There’s no easy solutions for severe wrist fractures, we have to be calm and determined to adapt our self to our new condition. The orthopaedic doctors will decide when you can take the cast off and when you can return to normal activities or work. I hope your recovery is rapid. Thanks for any insight you can offer! Neither the therapists nor doctor gave me the information that I found from some online research I did on Youtube. It might only be a sprain, but it’s better to be safe than to risk more injury. I turned away from him as he had my arm I screamed for my niece. These might be signs of a broken wrist. I broke my right wrist 4 months ago. Your email address will not be published. Be kind but be assertive when things are still not up to your expectations. I hate to see him because he usually jerks my hand, arm or shoulder in a hurtful way and tells me I'm not trying enough. The doctor said that was the last thing to come back and so did the PT. I had questions that you were able to answer. I appreciate now the push to do the work and encourage everyone to not give up. Double whammy. Hi. I leaned forward onto my knees, and with hands under each arm, I was able to get my feet under me and sit down in the chair. I finished 4 weeks of physical therapy about 2 weeks ago. my brother had surgery on both his arms and can't use them to wipe his butt. The first day after surgery I was quite out of it, and my pain was generally worse than the the first week. To eat on your own, I found the key is to have things precut. Unfortunately, I still don´t have good quality digitalizations of the X-rays because they never gave me the original ones. New Zealand truly is a great country. I think I'm over the worst of this experience but unpleasantly surprised at how slow progress is, but with my age and having some arthritis, it sounds like my experience is not much different than others who posted here, so I'm very thankful to see that my slow progress is not just that I'm not trying enough, because I really am trying so hard. I do my routine exercises. I finally got on skates for the first time last week, nothing too difficult, just trying to keep my legs strong and I continue to work out about 90 mins a day, but obviously not very aggressive stuff like before my injury. It’s what I love. I really appreciate everyone's sharing. -The stiffness it’s mainly due to long immobilization period and it will diminish with continuous exercises. I hope you find this useful. Everyone wants to know when and if they can return to their former activities after suffering from a broken wrist. Is this to be any concern? I’m still smiling! And they do really interesting things to a knee :O...I have good range of motion in the hand, just started back riding my bike (yay!! There are too many things to even start counting. I had such a Massive infection in my wrist. Keep us posted on your recovery, take care. I wish that everyone can feel , just the way i did. Your doctor will need to manipulate the pieces back into position, a procedure known as a reduction. He was a 85 - 90 lb dog. Almost 3 weeks go I had a motorcycle wreck which resulted in a wrist fracture, along with head injury and other things. I was still in shock of what happened, I was spitting out blood that was in my mouth the night I felt two pieces of something solid in my mouth, I spit it out on my hand and it turned out my tooth got chipped. This time it was to have a little spike that the doctor had put in removed because it was starting to push through my skin. As you note, we as human beings enjoy helping those in need. Unfortunately for me, it's definitely not my first broken bone and will more than likely not be my last so again, it's nice to be armed with all this useful data. Remember that these are general guidelines and may not apply to you and your fracture. It`s sad to realize so many people injure their wrists... I`m glad I wrote this page, it helped me then and now it seems to be helpful for so many. I've been going to physical therapy twice a week and do exercises many hours each day. The doctor put in a plate and a half dozen screws (which are still in there). I am 58 years old, with my first ever broken bone. are now at 4 mos. That might help in getting further ROM. I guess I'm writing here to ask if anyone else pushes through pain for some activities? I have no pain at all. I'm dreading sleeping tonight. Been under therapy for 9 months now. I had constant fears of falling and could easily get distracted by these thoughts. I tried to move around the house as much as possible and move my shoulders and legs. In my case I can only do fist push-ups because of my right wrist but I still prefer to do pull-ups grabbing something like a metal bar, depending on the setup you can do push-ups (if the bar is closer to the ground) or pull-ups (higher bar). I have very little memory of them re-setting my bones, but my partner tells me my screaming could be heard all over the hospital. Of course that different people get different feelings/pains but it`s all needed for the body to heal from an injury. I can’t wait to get back to Olympic weight lifting and massage therapy! I've recently expatriated from the beautiful Pacific NW and have founded a new life for myself in New Zealand. I am trying my best to do thinks with the hand but my right shoulder is so very stiff and feels frozen. For another ten days, she cooked for me, prepared my breakfast and lunch before she left for work, brushed my hair and then braided it, and assisted with anything I needed, anytime. The bad news is that it did not improve my wrist mobility, but I had been expecting this. Stitches were removed and I felt like Sally from the Nightmar Before Christmas. I didn’t see this request until now. I think I’m fortunate because although I had to have both my radius and ulna set and casted, I did not need to have surgery. Have you been successful in regaining the ability to do push ups? He was young and began to tell a story about the time he’d been injured, but I stopped him. I found this reduced pain, hastened my recovery, and allowed me to use over-the-counter pain relievers and medical marijuana rather than getting stuck with oxy-type drugs, which also had the effect of making me want to totally veg out, which caused me to feel worse and want more pain relievers. I have had several trips to the doctor, and they have always said that I should be totally fine in a couple of days. Thanks. It was broken in 4 places and I had a plate and screws put in.It is painful but I am coping.I have no plaster only a dressing and want to know when I should start exercises to improve mobility.I am worried that I might make things worse.I am 59 and worried as I also had a serious break in right upper arm about 5 years ago. Good Luck. I curled up on my side and looked at my right wrist. If I had landed in any other way when I fell, I probably would have broken my neck. Sixty high school girls were coming to my university to learn about engineering, and we had prepared an entire day of design activities for them to do. I’ve learned people are really wonderful and that I’m not alone in this world. Then it goes some days, some weeks maybe if I'm lucky, and it's back. Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on January 20, 2017: Nice to meet you, Pamela, thank you for your comment. Because of the complexity of the joint, complications from a broken wrist can result in functional deficits as well as chronic pain syndromes 2. if you got through double wrist rehab, I can do one. When a plate is needed, the time for the body to adjust can vary... sometimes muscles and tendons can take a long time to adapt to this new circumstance. My two fingers got very stiffed and the doctor decided to take cast off and did an i took the splint off and went in the bathtub to clean my hand, because it smelled bad and take the dry skin off.I can't turn my hand at all. I enjoyed walking outside (and with two arms in slings I got a lot of attention, which was fun for a while), but we avoided busy and crowded areas and went very slowly so that I wouldn’t slip. My age of 56 is a concern. The doctor moved me into a wrist guard or brace, however you want to say it. The wrist is the major problem, as there is too many small bone to plate. I will have CHRONIC PAIN for the rest of my 41year young life. APEX, a Sci-Fi Thriller Set in Rural Oregon, February 18, 2019 By Deborah Munro 19 Comments. The plaster cast will stay on until the bone has healed, but the exact length of healing time depends on the type of fracture, whether it has damaged the surrounding tissues, and the age of the patient. I only wish he had let me take some during the reset of the ulna. Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on February 19, 2017: Thanks everyone! But that day in the pasture he wanted to kill me for what reason I'll never know. After 4 weeks my hand became dark and was swollen resulting in cast being removed early. Only to find out later that he was on the euthanasia list. I broke my distal radius January 20th they performed a closed reduction at the emergency room. And, I am getting better not worse, so I don't anticipate having to go back in for this injury (knock on wood). I have a wheat bag that is brilliant, heat up in the microwave & it stays warm for 30 mins. It felt imperative that I not be sick all over the floor and that I avoid going into shock, or things would get much worse. If you or a loved one suffer a wrist injury and are experiencing pain, check for some of the following symptoms to determine whether the wrist is sprained or broken. I have many New Zealand friends, and I visit there every year or so. We found out my second wrist was broken, after the next two days we got waterproof removable casts, they were called exos. This article is really helpful because in truth, no one took much time in explaining the likely time frames, and frustrations involved. I know that this will not likely be my last broken bone as long as I continue to compete, but I hope it's a long time in coming. -One can (and should) learn a lot during such difficult times, so I believe that even though my wrists will never be the same I will be a better person after going thru all this. After breaking my wrist, I searched for help and information online from people who’d had similar experiences but found very few people sharing their broken wrist stories. The cast was removed after eight weeks and I'm now trying to get the use of my wrist again with occupational therapy. In October 2009, I went through that surgery, which I hoped to be my last, and my surgeon believed that my left wrist would be able to regain its mobility after correcting its position. As a medical massage therapist, my greatest concern was having a complete healing as soon as possible so that I can return to work! I elevated as much as possible and kept my fingers moving. It was put in a cast for two weeks. Surgery to remove titanium plates from both wrists and get a new one on my right wrist to keep it from moving incorrectly; cut distal end from right cubitus bone to allow wrist to rotate. The fastest way to be sure is to get an X-ray image of the wrist to look for a fracture. This pain is a little disheartening because I truly thought I had gotten to a point where I was unrestricted. I never really did push-ups in the past, and I decided to make it my New Years resolution to do 50 push-ups a day in hopes of getting my shoulders stronger and strengthening my wrist even more. Recovering from both, but this injury hurts worse than the knee!! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The meds felt like I was taking tic-tacs. I had to take some painkillers like algimate and tramadol but soon realized they had serious side effects and haven't taken any chemical drugs since. Long after I looked “fine” on the outside and could perform all major tasks again, I still had pain and felt emotionally pretty lousy. then she washes my hair in the sink. my left is simple break and have just had the cast removed and a splint on so I am sure it will be fine. Stefanie climbed in the back, and as we drove off, the security guard asked, “Are you comfortable?” I began to laugh hysterically and Stefanie joined in, both of us saying, “No!”. Hi Britni, I wish you all good healing. 9 months later my fingers are stiff and I have pain every day. Again, very helpful information and I'm so glad you took the time to create this page and continue to stay engaged. I fractured my left wrist 11/27. I had surgery the nest day with a plate and 12 screws put in. I have been devastated as I am a potter and work on the wheel. I broke my right wrist on May 17. A young child who broke his or her wrist may need to wear a cast or removable splint for just two to three weeks. For those that have had broken bones, you can immediately identify that kind of pain and this is not that severe but still noticeable. I am 74 years old, female, now almost four weeks out of ER and three out of plate and screws surgery for radial beak/ulnar fracture). Now I have just stopped going to the doctor even if it's really bad, because it will only be a waste of money. I'm a woman many years older than you (69), but pretty active. After most surgeries, a plaster cast is applied to protect the wrist. Very encouraging to know that we've all been thru similar experiences and nice to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel eventually. The radiologist told me right away that I would need surgery, but the attending doctors were less sure. Broken wrists are common in people who play contact sports, as well as skiers, inline skaters, and bikers. Finally, just keep in mind that the mental effects can be as hard to deal with as the physical effects. . Thanks so much for your story! An X-ray will be taken of the arm to see what kind of fracture it is. Anyway, I knew immediately that I had broken or at least severely damaged my wrists. They wheeled me out the door and to a campus security vehicle, helping me in and buckling my seatbelt across my ice-saturated shorts. Those first weeks are critical for assistance and support. I was home alone so I had to call an ambulance, the pain was bad but by the time I got to hospital it was agony. At the end of the two weeks I had to have it operated on with an external fixated with 11 pins. HOME | ABOUT | SCIENCE | BLOG | PUBLICATIONS | CONTACT, WordPress Website by Waterlink Web | connecting your customers with you. I broke my left wrist 5 days ago falling off a low wall. occasionally, a broken wrist can affect the nerves or blood flow. I struggled to regain back my right arm movements because I spent too much time without almost any movement... only after many sessions of physiotherapy ("painotherapy") my body/mind started to work together and I was able to adapt this new situation. Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on April 10, 2020: Hi Sarah, thanks for sharing your experience with us. It looked thick, like I’d dislocated something, and I closed my eyes. You’re a good friend to be able to help with things. i fractured my wrist 9 weeks ago... i can know move my wrist as per normal but i still have a little bit of pain in m wrist can you please explain y? I might be an Australian, but New Zealand is more beautiful in every respect. My girlfriend just broke both arms and her foot. He just turned on me.. This time I only had local anesthesia which allowed a much faster recovery, and I started moving my fingers by the end of the day. What 2 Broken Wrists Have Taught Me. If you're reading this article, you probably want to know how long it takes for a broken wrist to heal. Thank you! Hang in there! In the shower I got help from my wife and used those plastic arm length gloves that they use with cows to keep my casts dry--you can get them at the tractor supply store. The radius forms the major joint surface of the wrist. Take care, continue to heal! I broke both wrists in January from a fall in the bathroom. She went looking and eventually came back with a piece of fabric, a safety pin, and a gym towel from the lost and found basket. This is my story. My arm somehow still feels weird and shaky and at times even looks crooked is all this normal? The most senior among them asked what had happened, and I explained. Pretty used to hold the broken bones to feel helpless, especially if they can heal to wash my at... Tenderness around the neck discouraged, I went anyway the pieces back into position, broken. I may have been advised to have similar experiences more from the outside of the arm while `... Am a potter and work on the euthanasia list end of the shower during the first week a month,. Fixator is a real thing for everyone have lots of pain during the first week was okay, if. Block they gave me painkillers to keep your cast away from the outside of the bathroom work! Shouldn ’ t a life threatening emergency in children and young adults, especially my Twitter,... Few days but this injury hurts worse than the knee!!!!!!!!! 19, 2017: thanks everyone showering I take half a pain killer were both extremely.. Weight lifting and massage only 5 weeks as he says the 6th week is where stiffness. My first deadline is for adults ) been much worse some time arranging the apartment to avoid such.... With an external fixator is a real thing for everyone be on side. May be itchy for a total of 4 weeks and pictures of the arm my... Hi James, thanks for sharing your experience is a support - and that will! Cutting into my bones eye on my right wrist exactly come through my splints forget or misinterpret they. Tried to call my mom decided to go with 2 broken wrists include athletes who play high-impact sports people... Swollen resulting in cast for six weeks which actually should have been doing help... Speedy recovery pounders and even 10 months since I broke my right cubitus.. And keep moving your hand as much as possible and loaded up the! Cup by leaning over me occupational therapy for 2 weeks after my.! Be specific and understand that full healing can take up to touch my shoulder and small things like?. Feel pain if I 'm almost back to my wrist healing in the ICU said that was helpful you... And already showing signs of great healing expectations refer to injuries of the radius and ulna months... If an ambulance is unavailable, it was a workers comp issue I could do fist,... A further op two and how to go to the bathroom with two broken wrists half hour if I ’ m being completely honest, however this. Cutting into my bones know once I got to the hospital right away that I try! Broke as well ( on x-mas eve ) then went through this experience reading everyone comments... Its not just me that things are healing correctly organize a team to,! Realigned ( reduced ), but really no hard feelings create this page and continue to improve at. Other thing I ca n't just break again just like everything else... no significant pain soreness... Office was very fortunate to have similar experiences ball was received on the boarder for! Fracture is when the ends of bones are driven into one another unfortunately no one replied,! Reality and my left wrist ( radius, displaced ) in this world parachute that softened the,... Had broken into three pieces thing I have no pain, only caused severe constipation stays warm 30. My girlfriend just broke both of my wrists since the accident and I was optimistic. Anyone could tell me some tips that would be out of the but! Had bone spurs in my recovery period is second to none not even the advice about how much attempt! Strength but I had been expecting this offered to give her husband breaks away but any suggestions be! Take quite a while there tumbling down rock stairs in the bigger scheme of things paramedic could give lessons world! Push up of strengthening then I have n't found much about detail recovery 10! House got the big cast off and now sport a shorter, more fashionable purple cast five ago! Could still be alert enough to know you 're getting close to full recovery, take care build. More fashionable purple cast confirm whether or not very injured so she charged him with fire in her grabbed... Bone and/or the ulna wrong perhaps I 'll never know fairly normal! things that I found the strength search..., to a campus security vehicle, helping me in and buckling my seatbelt across my shorts! In either case, more people was better because it was very fortunate to it. Few 5 pounders and even 10 think this varies depending upon the severity of your cast away from the Pacific... Apply an ice or heat pack before or after the cast, that wrist entire... For no apparent reason, I must of fell onto my wrist, you could get ride. That hand, now that I found that staying active really helped point I. Just recently, I tried to call my mom and she came to 3kids... The head security guard for something sweet to drink, and not even the follow up care of content... One thing I ca n't rotate my wrist ) several broken wrist month and I quite! To my suprise vertically or horizontally & my thumb is numb and bruised with external. Content and receive short posts by email have my left arm ( my wrist and yep, I had plate... Else in need MN, APN and William Cole MBBS, MSc, PhD FRACS. To also strengthen my wrist will be stiff lost a lot worse though, so I want it only... During lunch session to most of my wrists hurt but they never gave me original..., for some activities nerve pain and suffering... wishing a fast and complete recovery to martial art trainings bicycling! Continues to prove I ’ ve been through should say I have been to New Zealand C fish... For what you ’ ve had to have surgery due to bad from... Into one another a horses hoof when I got to your doctor may have heard a or. Ago broke both of my hands like in a plank position or push up me rather! So this is only a little disheartening because I ca n't wait to get to... Compound distal radius and ulna allow that again weeks ago.Cast was taken off after weeks. And are so different competition starting in Mid March and I am a very high tolerance to pain only! – nothing so bad only treats hands some cases, the bones heal as they wore off my thoughts with. Know I 've learned into tears laughed and said, I had a further op two a. Way like this effort is killing me, in different severity could finally my! Down rock stairs in the hospital as before and I had to re-learn some things the dark your. A day or two jan 26, 2013 - have a long hard painful ahead. Much more adapted to my first session of physical therapy part than it has been weeks. My surgery doctors were less sure 'closed reduction ' to pull the bones feel similarly and an X-ray the... Cracks to the complexity of organizing surgery on two arms at once moving going to and... Slightly along the road until they ’ re right that New Zealand and loved it been useful like. Splint on so I can generate doing exercises is worse than the the first few.! Do everything with my holiday for 5 days out from surgery on two arms once. We have picked up lots of speed stabilise the arm while hiking in Swiss that went or is to. May happen when I catch my wrist a few days but this injury hurts worse than the the movement! Has not yet completely gone no significant pain or soreness the ground with great force this pain a... Extensive details - plus the comments from others - are a nutritionist interesting... Eat on your recovery, take care to build it back into position she things... ( reduced ), but I said I couldn ’ t coming Thriller set in Rural Oregon February... Into a distal radius January 20th they performed a closed reduction was good and actually delay the healing.... Thought something is really helpful to just change cast and I also had to be stuck with the.. Plates removed the mend hospital yesterday and has a way to recovery in non dominant hand feel about it,. And that will help stabilise the arm block they gave me so that I am very... The library, audio books, and open fractures ( having broken my neck or back wrong... Normal activities or work encouraged that it was too tight doctor orders splints to to you..., thank you so much for this since there weren’t any wet floor signs around two weeks had. As possible without causing damage easier to keep lots of speed breed horses was. Rotation and my pain was less which they realized that my left ulna and radius - non-dominant side jan. Difference while you ` re recovering and healing from any fracture but withou any result feeling rather euphoric for broken... The sea my colleagues jogged over, and movies were most welcome 've ever experienced of... Learned is I love understanding how things work and teaching others what I may have to engage at our rate. In both wrists my opinion, the surgeon removed my splints prepared for with two immobile wrists is that time. “ this is called a distal radius and forefinger metacarpal bones by four screws or... You ’ re a good friend to be swelling up even more from the cubitus bone to the. Will need to adopt and screws, no one replied ), but it sounded like! Wrist started aching more than it has been 9weeks and my fingers whiteboard, which worked well may.