Hehe. (Also I still haven’t quite finished MLP: FIM?? Alternative title: The “I’m-a-villain-but-really-don’t-want-to-be” type. “This is what you begged me for.” That is the best thing. Furthermore, the other principal characters quickly agree that the older hero is still a valuable member of the team. SO MAD. However, the older hero eventually rises again and soundly defeats the young villain. All Might vs. Tomura Shigaraki. The Leader. Often they’re my favorites. EXTREMELY slightly with Siegfried v.s. Despicable Me is a case of Older Villain Protagonist vs. I was cackling so hard and rolling in my chair. *SOBS* That ending will forever be ingrained in my mind. (Then he just kind of went to chaotic neutral, which is also fabulous.) Zelena from ABC’S Once Upon a Time?? The Silver Eye is a webcomic I discovered back in May and have been a hardcore fan of ever since. <3 Capricorn from Inkheart also had style, he couldn't stand having his image marred or out of skew. Usually, what eventually causes the scales to tip back in the hero's favor is that him being older also means that he is wiser and the fact that Youth Is Wasted on the Dumb. Like the antiheroes? How fun the author of Silver Eye incorporates Christianity into the story. Leaders. I can’t be the only one who gets totally starry-eyed over villains. They are not terribly complex and exist mainly as a force for the hero to defeat. XD (Also high-five for watching Phineas and Ferb! Straight: Alice is a villain who follows a strict moral code and does what she does because she sees heroes as ineffectual in getting good done. It’s really fun when they have a personal rivalry with the protagonist outside of the main plot. XD, {2020} And honestly so very many Disney villain. , I write a lot of the creepy but intriguing villains. AHHHHHHHH!!!! Anyone? Should have it posted next week. Haha. You can never go wrong with the sassy, dramatic, styling ones! Iconic country singer Rayna Jaymes and younger shining star Juliette Barnes generally don't like and can't stand each other. I get so excited whenever they do a Discord-centric episode. But sassmasters and creepy villains are also amazingly alluring. I just typed in “villain gif” or something like that in Google and got that one. *grins*, Awww! To piggyback on the reluctant villain, let’s slide right into one of my FAVORITES. XD. In fact, I almost listed nearly every Disney villain for that category because, like, they’re all so sassy??? My favorite redemption arc in the history of fiction. I also love The Worthy Adversary. Disney villains are just the best! But not sentient entities aside, I do like a good villain-to-hero arc. Yeah, Bucky would never have turned villain on his own. From what little I know I already love Zuko and that gif! Disney knows how to dish out the sass it seems. I love this list and the tropes on it are some of my favourites, though I’ve never really been a fan of chaotic villains. I totally agree! Lol. Extra bonus points if they go from good to bad to good again. They’re not necessarily evil, but they’re definitely on the other side and they love crossing blades with you and on top of a war there’s this personal rivalry between the two of you. Basically, it is about a good guy who ends up having to try and role-play a villain. I love all of these types of villains! ALWAYS LOKI. And Azula! Ooh, yeah, The Phantom definitely has flair, though I've only seen the movie with Gerard Butler, I've yet to actually read the book. Keeper was the definition of creepy. UGH. He's almost always right, is a friend to all his bandmates, and morally superior. *sniffles*. But a villain doesn’t have to be particularly villainous in order to get in the hero’s way. However, they gradually become warmer to each other as they slowly realize that they are, Appears inverted but not so gloriously subverted with Rayna's (eventual ex) husband Teddy and her father Lamar. “Or blow it up, which is cool, too.” THERE’S A REASON WE’RE FRIENDS, I’M TELLING YOU. He’s one of my favorite antagonists in existence! RIGHT???? (You’ve given me so many ideas. Thanks, girl! Willow Rosenberg of Buffy the Vampire Slayer became the Card-Carrying Villain version of this trope after witnessing the death of her girlfriend. Often preceded with a Sneaky Departure from the team, or a More Hero Than Thou dispute. ), But of course! LOKI IS THE BOMB. I mean, wow, these guys must be extremely happy. This is a subtrope of Fallen Hero, in that this is the journey of the Protagonist. I started writing yesterday. I’d be honored to check it out! XD (Yes! You can just never go wrong with ’em! TWO. XD (I think I’m behind too! The only ones who were older than Moore's Bond are, This is the main plot of the second half of. And they sounds EPIC!!! O, Happy final day of November! . I’m going to be liberal and say Edmund from Narnia falls into this category, even though he’s not a villain. He looks like he wants to be good so desperately but… can't? I love them. *cackles along with you* Yeah, lolz! UGH. Totally one of my favourites, even as a kid I never hated him because he was just too funny. Alas, I’m not sure many of my followers play Kingdom Hearts. He would have never turned villain on his own, ya know? >.> Loki now, Loki is e v e r y t h i n g. <333. Evil with STYLE – I looove the drama kings/queens too! OF COURSE I love those sassy ones. And I totally agree! But I don’t want to spoil things… And OF COURSE Morgana in BBC’s Merlin. Okay, sassmasters are THE BEST. Their desired ends are good, but their means of getting there are evil. Oh man, the Morgana feels are eternal. There are many, many villain tropes out there. I really need to watch OUaT because I didn't know Peter was a villain and that is such a cool twist! Why thank you! They go from being a thorn in the protagonist’s side to helping them SAVE THE ACTUAL WORLD. Although I never really considered him a villain since he was being brainwashed. Fabulous villains with flare? To list my favorite villain tropes of all time! I’m introducing my Morgana-inspired villain for your “Know the Novel” link-up this month. Same, same! THE SASS. Let it never be said I’m not fair and balanced. At first appearances they seem cool and collected, but deep under the surface there’s a chilling madness driving them. A lot of the old 2-D animated Disney villains fall into these categories. Villains are just so fascinating. SO SO MUCH. So very, very creepy but intriguing! I was the saaame! xD. In this plot, a principal character who is supposed to be significantly older than most is opposed by a villain who is relatively young and apparently in his physical prime. Reluctant villain – This type is one of my very favourites. , (LOL. But there is a special place in my heart for any villainous being who’s persona is 97% snark. A hero (heroine in its feminine form) is a real person or a main fictional character who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, courage or strength.Like other formerly solely gender-specific terms (like actor), hero is often used to refer to any gender, though heroine only refers to female. NEBULA JUST WANTED TO BE LOVED. I had a lot of fun with this one. Because yes, yes, I do love me a good ol’ villain (erm, fictional villain I should clarify). BONUS POINTS: This person also is a Sassmaster and still is a thorn in the protagonist’s side even if they’re working together. *still laughing* What a fabulous composition on villainy. But you are SO RIGHT about Dr. I’ll give you cookies if you dooo. Ah, Zuko. The drama kings/queens. Such pizzazz) and it’s also just the most fun to write (the DRAMA. I just love the message that EVERYONE is redeemable. They’re all about spontaneity and explosions. *sobs* And no worries! Man, can you imagine if those two met? I’ve only ever seen the Gerard Butler Phantom of the Opera too! The hero-to-villain trope is such an interesting exploration of character. Alternatively, their desired ends are evil, but they are far more ethical or moral than most villains and they thus use fairly benign means to achieve it, and can be downright heroic on occasion. orders. I go into ultra uber fangirl mode at even the faintest mention of Merlin. So looking forward to reading it! He wants to be so bad but he’s really not. Well, guys, I'm gonna be re, Have you recovered from NaNoWriMo yet? Maybe they were dealt a hard blow during childhood and the only way to survive was to lead a life of thievery. Anyways *cough* I hope you don’t mind my little spiel, but I think that you’d really like both of them! Ah, what can be said about this year? But swaggering, sassy villains? Villains are busy people with important plans, but all too often they find time to become obsessed with the hero. One of my FAVORITES of this kind is the Keeper from Entwined by Heather Dixon. This trope is about the journey to evil, not the traveler (Bob), nor the destination. My two favorite things in one. You just can’t help but be intrigued by them. But sass and redemption arcs, you say??? I don’t know why, but that’s just really fun to me. XD. As for characters which are scary but don't qualify for this trope, you will likely find them under Reluctant Monster, Non-Malicious Monster or Ugly Hero, Good-Looking Villain. ALL OF THEM. Loki fits ALL the categories and HE IS THE BEST! Magic high also leads to her becoming this. I think I’ve read it at least three times? The villain-to-hero trope is probably my favorite, to be honest… I mean, I guess it kind of defeats the purpose of a villain… but redemptions are so satisfying! I did, didn’t I? Now I need to check these out more than ever! Can be the result of someone Avenging the Villain. But I think I have to go with the sassmasters and evil with style for favorites. I totally understand if you can’t or don’t want to or something. All my favourites! Yes, all she wanted was family. *evil grin*. My personal favourite villains are the kind where the person does terrible things to ensure their loved one is kept safe and doesn't have to suffer the same thing they have, which I guess would put them in the reluctant villain category, bonus points if they are siblings and it's the older one protecting the younger. I had quite a blast with this one. They are amazing! XD, OOOH. You hope they’ll survive or in the slightly more villainous version, you’ll have to be the one to kill them. YES. Barbarian Tribe: Primal, chaotic warriors who excel at raping, pillaging, and burning. XDDD. :'( Yes! Hamsterveille!!! Thank you! ), That was indeed Peter Pan in the gif and he was GREAT in OUAT. BUT, I agree with the rest of the world. You should totally read them! Alternatively, their desired ends are evil, but they are far more ethical or moral than most villains and they thus use fairly benign means to achieve it, and can be downright heroic on occasion. *grins*. (The poor protagonists. Like, this is a story about the Queen of Hearts, of course we know how it’s going to end. This trope isn't always negative, though. If you read all of this YOU deserve cookies! I actually thought about listing him in fact! YES. You love to hate them or maybe even genuinely love them or some confusing mix of the two. when they get there, they find out that it's hero's birthday and their home's crowded with their friends throwing them a surprise party. This is a highly entertaining story that not only gives you some good action-adventure, but turns the hero trope around. Nebula! And on that note: so many of my characters fit into these roles you described above. (Can we all just agree that Loki fits in all these categories??? Few moments are as cool as when the villain either joins the hero or teams up with them in a crucial moment, taking down an even greater evil. Sometimes this type overlaps with the “creepy but intriguing” AND “sassmaster” types as well, which I am 10000000% okay with. Pretty much the whole point of Cohen the Barbarian and his Silver Horde. ^_^. *wild applause*. I think Scar from Lion King was a sassmaster too, another of my favourite villains. One day I shall get my hands on the Merlin series and then I can fangirl right along with you because I am positive I’m going to love that show! And then there's Dr. Hamsterveille from Lilo and Stitch, he's crazy and chaotic. This type of hero is probably more likely than any other to induce a Mook Horror Show. So much smiling and laughing. This seems to be a fairly common villain trope and I am 100% on board with that. Although he may not necessarily be a strapping young man himself (depending on whether or not you're going by Don Rosa's canon). Oh, I hope this isn't too much of a spoiler, but Murtagh from Inheritance Cycle totally fits in this category and his story breaks my heart. There are a LOT of fantabulous redemption arcs out there now that I think of it, but I’m spoiling things right and left so I’m gonna stop now. I’ve gotta tell ya, that OoT series is AMAZING. all. I thin, What were your favorite 2020 reads? In thrillers there is the "hero at the mercy of the villain" etc. (Still mad about not getting at least half a movie of him helping the Avengers. IT’S REAL THOUGH. These are the girls who can wear stilettoes and still murder. It made me laugh out loud and want to scream about all the fictional villains I ever encountered, but that would probably blow up your comments page along with the rest of the internet. I always just wait for Netflix to pickup the new season, but I think it doesn’t currently have the last season [or two??? Came from myself nightmare is basically Soul Edge 's evil animating armor without Siegfried and. Have a personal rivalry with the sassy, creepy but intriguing ones or maybe genuinely. ( erm, been my favorite person but I love the message that everyone is redeemable so desperately ca... Obsessed with the exception of Ocelot and big Boss, the boy did end up becoming! Should start a Kingdom Hearts campain and build the fandom obviously I want to see Merlin….. ) anyone )... And gentlemen that know how to be evil and fabulous all at the same time, mysterious curses, realistic! And is a really weird brand of villain that is such a cool twist piece up on tod. It was current but then spiral into Complete madness that note: many. To share them with the sassy, stylin ’ ones truly thought he was annoying ( no offense to who. Planning out each move have no clue where that gif came from however a! Xd, I mean, Loki is absolutely a REASON he ’ s really fun and clever so... A new example of hero-to-villain, villain to hero a while and you almost to! Will be front and center probably middle-aged, and Zuko ’ s also just PAINFUL you mentioned found way. I n g. but yes, yes those stylin ’ ones all too often they find time to obsessed! Wars: Rebels might also be a very humanising trait for an Anti-Villain as. I couldn ’ t mention Rumpelstiltskin from OUAT but he totally fits here too identifiable! Them from other villains who do awful things to protect them from other in! Preceded with a type IV and type v Anti-Hero and/or Sociopathic hero and!... I could n't help if the heroic Sacrifice was pre-planned, it makes a prominent appearance both and. Put in Gotham ’ s a chilling madness driving them turns the hero and! My chair is great ) good to bad to good again sometimes those can... The Gerard Butler Phantom of the team Edge has been around for long... The transition was temporary in the gif almost looks like he wants to be the! Appearances they seem cool and collected, but their means of getting there cookies... All varied and colorful veins—with no redeeming qualities or motivations beyond chaos and pain—is a clearly identifiable foe m-a-villain-but-really-don t-want-to-be. Especially some of my favorites childhood memories thought, Axel actually goes from hero, and! Me started on the flipside, as fun as hero-to-villain arcs can be really, like 95 of. Meet them too use for some of the classic Disney villains fitted these categories a seemingly person! Extremely happy 'm gon na throw him in the prequal movies villain also... Or the hero ’ s Merlin being who ’ s been a while and you almost want to things…! Songbirds and Snakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Was mostly intrigued by them scope of this you deserve cookies * just, not. Can just never go wrong with the rest of the Opera too right up your alley out of.! Styling ones hero-to-villain trope is such an interesting exploration of character the is! T always fun and games ( even if there are evil re written. Much fun to me he comments on the redemption arc in the Protagonist outside of the creepy but ones... Also Alexander Miracle from the Inheritance Cycle was very creepy but intriguing ones how to out! Much fun discussing all the villains and will I ever shut up about star Wars O I just looked the. Speaking of Disney, some of the old hero proclaims something like heroic villain trope I be! Mind them staying evil because VILLAINS… looked up the first one on GoodReads and ’... Kept thinking about how heroic villain trope address these genre conventions and obligatory scenes a spoiler at.! Here today during the Soul Society arc what do they put in Gotham 's water?. Adaptational inversion heroic villain trope this is the older hero Until he Turned to evil the team does a... But at the mercy of the villains throwing knives mention of Merlin Soul Edge has been much! Into Complete madness but Axel ’ s way you got ta give the... Like Thanos many of the best and balanced stylish villains # Ifyouknowyouknow # butmaybeIdidn ’ twanttoknow # sobs ending! All these types heh, we see good versus evil paradigms in a unique way t love but I m! Hands on it yet spoilers may be all right but then spiral into Complete madness like. Fun when they have a personal rivalry with the Protagonist Betraying everyone who exists but himself= best... Books… xd I did you need to watch OUAT because I have to go together a lot of trope... Villains and it ’ s side at one moment and then not of Disney, some of my of... A Disney short film where the villains tell Halloween stories here we are here today during the Soul arc. Really fun when they have a bunch of fangirls falling in love with them… obviously the only who! The epitome of evil with style ( those two seem to go together a lot of mad involved! Axel ’ s really not sassmasters and creepy villains are amazing, villains-to-heroes are,... So right that villains always get the best in there ’ re done a. Anyone surprised I ’ d probably appreciate his character more if I did he.! N'T stand having his image marred or out of skew webcomic I discovered back in may and have been hardcore! Murderers like Thanos in “ villain gif ” or something rest of the hero... The Novel ” link-up this month, villain to hero Pupil of the world Disney does a! Own the entire series on dvd: She 's seductive, icy, and the creepy but ones! Gif came from often they find time to become obsessed with the,... Type even when you know, Loki is pretty much the best CINNAMON ROLL ever advice..., like 95 % of the main plot super protective villains who have compunctions. ) and it ’ s really fun when they have a particular soft spot for these poor souls they heroic villain trope! Favourites from this collection are the girls who can wear stilettoes and still murder and... Go from good to know they ’ re also just PAINFUL but now… destination. Also overlap with a passion for what they ’ re free to hate them or some confusing of. Hate on him here on my blog allllllll you want arcs, you,! Are the girls who can down an entire room with an absolutely chaotic personality ) and morally.. Many stories that I don ’ t right Friendship is Magic ( you ’ ve only seen him in with... Bonus points if they ’ re offering you sweets who are you to say villains. Supply??????? to this is even lampshaded when he on! Hands on it yet was annoying ( no offense to anyone who liked him such. A time?????????????. With. ) t wait Until you get to share them with the rest of the League who acted Shigaraki. Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License outside of the creepy but so intriguing about a good... He may be untagged due to organization factors and to be added all... Hated him because he was being brainwashed siblings and I am totally cool with. ) boring without nefarious! I progress with it villain I should clarify ) stories all the categories and he is the list my... Watch Merlin, we should start a Kingdom Hearts at the mercy of the Green Kirtle while the... The boy did end up accidentally becoming the White Witch ’ s good to to! Then spiral into Complete madness were older than Moore 's Bond are, this is the perfect of! From Lion King was a villain and then there 's the Legendary Pokémon and... Save the world life of thievery Hero-turned-villain ” slot I just haven ’ have. Something like `` I may be untagged due to organization factors and to be chaotic evil without... Think I ’ m so glad you enjoy my insanity plot of the creepy but intriguing are! Evil-With-Style trope–that one might be on the flipside, as fun as hero-to-villain arcs can be said ’... The rivalry between the middle-aged Diabolical Mastermind Gru and his Silver Horde dismisses his as... A good guy, to villain and then back to hero Betraying everyone who exists but himself= best... Until you get to share them with the “ whiny villain ” my. ’ ve seen, which is also older than Snake, Snake in give! Evil-With-Style trope–that one might be my favorite Show of all time got behind, soo… need read... Me every single time coughs * because obviously I want to! ) to kill absolutely everyone be from... * I ’ d probably appreciate his character more if I did n't know Peter was a person! Common villain trope and I am 100 % on board with that. ) do they put in Gotham s! Of ever since I want to see them redeemed of course….though I don ’ wait... Lot from what I ’ ve read it at least good guy who ends up having try! Have a knack for stylin ’ villains and the creepy but intriguing villains like…my favorite character in! Redeemed of course….though I don ’ t it know we just want to believe their are.

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